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Instinct Multi Press

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Instinct Multi Press

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SKU: 9IN-D2120-13BSS
Dimensions: 55 x 74 x 55
Weight: 456 lbs.
Regular Price:$2,995.00
Direct Price:$2,545.00
You Save:$450.00


The Multi Press machine offers three exercises in one machine. The muscles targeted are the pectorals and the deltoids. Star Trac® has designed its Instinct™ line to be robust, attractive and suitable for a health club or the finest home gyms. 


This space-saving machine is perfect for a personal fitness center.  The seat and press arm are easily adjusted between three popular exercises: a flat bench press, an incline bench press, and shoulder press.  Adjustments to the seat and press arm are made using simple pull knobs. 


This is a great machine to develop chest and shoulders.  It’s smooth, safe and built to endure.  The Instinct dual function machines truly embody space efficiency. By providing two or more exercises in each machine they are perfect for space-challenged environments. Ease of use has not been overlooked as dual function adjustment knobs are bright red and the correct position is indicated by a descriptive functional label. The bright and simple instructional placards ensure switching between exercises is straightforward. Many of these machines share design elements with their single function counterparts allowing you to seamlessly mix and match pieces from the product line in order to have the ultimate home gym perfectly suited to your goals.