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Instinct Leg Extension / Leg curl

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Instinct Leg Extension / Leg curl

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SKU: 9IN-D1014-13BSS
Dimensions: 37 x 56 x 55
Weight: 386 lbs.
Regular Price:$2,995.00
Direct Price:$2,545.00
You Save:$450.00


The Leg Extension / Leg Curl machine offers two exercises in one machine. The muscles targeted are the quadriceps and hamstrings. It’s robust design is suitable for a health club or a personal fitness center. 


It features a ratcheting, quick release adjustable back pad and self-aligning shin pad for a wide range of users.  An adjustable thigh pad provides stability during the exercise. The cam-driven motion delivers a smooth resistance curve and the cushioned hand grips offer comfort and stability.  Switching between exercises is enabled by a simple lever.


The Instinct single function machines exemplify ease of use. By minimizing user adjustments, it is possible to start a workout immediately upon machine entry. Furthermore, machines are free of excess clutter around the user's feet and allow for quick machine access. The entire circuit of Instinctâ„¢ machines will fit comfortably into most home gyms. All single function machines feature a 55 in. tall weight stack tower ensuring that the machines will allow you to design the ultimate home gym.