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Instinct Rotary Torso

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Instinct Rotary Torso

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SKU: 9IN-S6300-13BSS
Dimensions: 38 x 39 x 55
Weight: 375 lbs.
Regular Price:$2,675.00
Direct Price:$2,275.00
You Save:$400.00


The Rotary Torso machine is a specialized exercise machine targeting the core.  Star Trac®’s Instinct™ line’s robust design is suitable for a health club or a personal fitness center. 


It features a kneeling design which provides a bio-mechanically correct exercise.  A neutral starting position allow for safe and easy machine entry. Adjustable shoulder pads offer stability during the exercise.


Looking for a strengthened core?  Add Instincts Rotary Torso machine to your home gym.  The Instinct single function machines exemplify ease of use. By minimizing user adjustments, it is possible to start a workout immediately upon machine entry. Furthermore, machines are free of excess clutter around the user's feet and allow for quick machine access. Not only do these machines look great together, but they’re designed to fit in your home gym.  All single function machines feature a 55 in. tall weight stack tower ensuring that the machines never overpower even the smallest spaces.